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Children Programs

A)   Children House

The Children House began to function in November 1999 and since it is activating a Saturday monthly.

The participants are pupils from the General School in Biharia.

The programs are eleborated and conducted by a psychologyst and two social workers. The purposes of this program are: to develop and to stimulate creativity, to develop tolerance among children, to offer models for developing moral and ethical behavior, to learn by playing, to develop the team spirit.

Program coordonator: Molnár Gábor, Psychologist, and Szabó Anita, student (social-worker).

The place for unfolding is assured by the Reformat Church; named Arc.




B)   The after-school learning program

Regular meetings assure the following aims: to habituate the disciplinary thinking, to realize the importance of the repetition in the process of learning, to emphasize that learning is a process of an individual enriching.

Program coordonator: Debelka Mária, social-worker

The after-school learning program is a teaching program organised for children from Biharia School.



C)   Logopedic activity

Spech-therapy and speech developing activities for 5-7 years old children

The frecvency of this activity is 1-2 times/week guided by a speech therapist.

The activity takes place in the headquarters of the Lazarus Foundation.

Program coordonator: Dénes Melinda, Speech Therapist



D)   Prevention program: “The youth on the life’s threshold”

This program’s general aim is to prepare the children and teenagers for the addult life, for the familly life.

In the project it is included drog prevention, as well as self-developing activities, and open-talkes.

The structure of this activity is:

  • What do i like to talk about?
  • What kind of skills do i have?
  • On the life’s threshold

The program is organised two times/week, leaded by a social-worker and a medical nurse. Counselling and Psychoterapy are available, including a Psychologyst.

Program-coordonator: Debelka Mária, social-worker



E)   Camps, trips

This are recreative activities organised in Holliday-Time.

The participants are children from Biharia General School.

Each time, the activities include: morning gymnastics, team-games, recreative activities, storry /fairy-tale reading and dramatising, singing, competitions.

Program-coordonator: Debelka Mária, Social-worker