Lazarus Foundation Romania logo

Csernák Béla, chairman of the foundation

In 1999, Csernák Béla, knight of ST. Lazarus order, started an individual/independent foundation, named Lazarus Foundation, in Biharia, Bihor County, Romania. In October of 11th, the foundation was legaly subscibed.

The aims of the foundation, writed in the legal status, are: establishing human relations between people from different social-levels, helping their integration; helping old, poor people , even making old people establishements, creating proper material and moral conditions for living; colaborating with social-charity programs oganised by Christian churches, for rezolving the problems of local needs; colaborating with other, even foreign foundations, embrancing the yougs and children; offering material support (money, clothes, medicine) for the people in need.

The members of the foundation are: the president, a secretar, and five members – all of them are working as voluneers, without any salary. Besides them we have one employed person, a social-worker, with superior-studies, and few voluntears who are organising and guiding the programs and projects.

Aims and objectives for the future

  • Developing the activities already started.
  • To help those who have social difficulties to integrate into the society.
  • To help the elderly, the handicaped by creating the necessary material and moral conditions.
  • To establish and to sustain relationships with individuals and organisations within the country or abroad to fulfill the phisical and spiritual needs of beneficiaries of the foundation’s activities.
  • To start up activities and programs for the youth, to train them to accept and help those who have difficulties to integrate into society.