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Social-charity programs

This program is spreaded to the all surface of the village who is counted 3000 people.For the people with many members, or unpropper conditions of living, we assure help by paying for their daily bread, milk, or the cost of their electricity. In case we help giving cloths for children or blankets. This charity program is preceded to a social-investigation of the goods of families - the material help it depends of this social- interpretation.

For the families with material difficulties and ill members, we pay for the medicines.

In exclusive cases, we provide the rare medicine, free of charge.

We help in medical control, or the travel for this reason, directly, or supporting the cost for it.

For the ill people in bed, we assure bed-covers, and sanitary packs, a good help in a home-care situation. With a medical signature, the person can personally apply for it, from the foundation.

Every year, the medicinal-help transport getting it as a foreign support by the foundation it is shared by the village's phisician.

The social help including also, the help in arranging the social-pension, funeral help and the ordinary pension as well as other burocratical proceses. The official acts are transported to an office at 15 km distance from the village.

This activity it is realise three days per week, including one - day work in the town: the official-acts prepared in the town's different official places, are transported to the adecvate officies.

Program coordonator: Kun Irén, secretary, Debelka Mária, Social-worker
The place for this activity, is the Foundation Office.

A) Family help/care

This activity is focusing on different, usualy inner-familly problems: relations between parents, parents-children, assuring Socia/Psychological help.

Developing a good relation beetween families, organizing different relaxing social or cultural activities, it is the other aim of this program.

Program coordonator: Debelka Mária, social-worker, Molnár Gábor, psychologist

B) Gipsy programs

C) Elderly/Old People

For all their rights, the elderly people need a lot of acts and papers, with many years ago wich need to be deposited in the Oradea City, to the country's office. The drawing of this forms and their deposit in Oradea, it is done by our office, freely.

This project is offering financial or spiritual support as well as organizing cultural activities or social help; the principal aim is to create possibilities for a safe material and moral life.

Program-coordonator : Kun Irén, Secretary, Debelka Mária Social-worker